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For starters, if you are a recruiter reading this blog, you are already halfway there! There’s lots of information out there on how to be a successful recruiter, but we find that they sometimes leave out crucial pointers.

Many online blogs will tell you that a successful recruiter has a lot of numbers under their belt. Unfortunately, numbers and hardcore facts can only get your so far in the game. In this blog, we are sharing what we believe are the three core traits that make a successful recruiter.

Three Traits of Being A Successful Recruiter

1. Have Integrity

The recruitment industry is essentially an industry with no entry barriers and no heavily strict qualifications and regulations. In short, and predictably, the recruitment industry, can sometimes be filled with less-than-desirable professionals. With this reality in mind, I’d have to say that showing integrity is the most important characteristic of becoming a great recruiter.

Let’s be honest; almost anyone can be taught to do the job at a basic level. What really matters is what lies in the recruiter’s character. Are you truly looking to help someone further their career, or are you just in it for the quick buck?

2. Persistence and Resilience

Like every other industry, recruitment has its highs and lows. Therefore, to be a successful recruiter, you must be persistent and resilient. Do not give up when things get tough! As volatile as the sectors being served, and the people in them, few businesses are as sensitive as recruitment. To be a successful recruiter, you need to keep plugging away, day after day, sometimes doing the same basic tasks with the confidence that you’re doing the right thing.

3. Be Curious

Recruiters, even the ones that come directly from the sectors they cover, aren’t actually in those sectors. A recruiter, by definition, knows talent pools better than the functions/sectors worked. To remain at the top of the game, a recruiter must stay updated about their client’s industry. Additionally, to become a successful recruiter, you will need to be curious and always want to educate yourself in order to serve your clients and candidates.

It is not difficult to become a recruiter, but it takes time and dedication to become successful. We do not doubt that as a recruiter, you can develop these 3 important traits into your everyday work and personal life. As long as you believe you have what it takes and the character to serve, success is yours!

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