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Lady Justice

Since the late 1990’s, the Legal Practitioners Bill in Cayman has been a controversial and highly debated topic. There are conflicting opinions about its objectives and whether all the proposed issues should actually be within the scope of the law. The Bill includes, among other issues, regulations regarding opportunities for Caymanians in pursuit of a successful career practicing Cayman Law, which is at the heart of the debate.

It is undoubtedly high time that the Legal Practitioners Law is updated in order to ensure that regulations surrounding the profession are updated in accordance with the evolving legal services landscape and that the firms practicing Cayman Law are compliant with these regulations. However, the debate continues and the objectives of the new draft Bill in November 2012 continue to be questioned.

This article in The Journal, provides insightful statistics about the legal profession in Cayman. It discusses the purpose of the Legal Practitioners Bill and its importance in relation to corporate social responsibility and the Cayman Islands economy. It also highlights what the potential economic impact could be for firms who practice Cayman Law in other jurisdictions.—discrimination-or-meritocracy-/

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