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From a recent article in the local newspaper (The Caymanian Compass), most people who applied for permanent residence or Caymanian status were approved. Figures produced by the Immigration Department up to March 2013 reveal that Cayman Islands immigration-related boards denied grants of Caymanian Status or permanent residence less than 14 per cent of the time since the start of 2012. During this period from January 2012 to March of this year, compiled data shows that there were 2,537 applications for permanent residence (the right to reside in Cayman for the rest of one’s life) and Caymanian status. Out of the 2,537 submitted applications, just 353 were outright refused. At the same time these numbers don’t necessarily indicate that all the other applications are granted, since a number of applications are deferred or delayed for various reasons, but it does give an insight into how rare it is for applications for PR or status in the Cayman Islands to be refused. The data available from the Immigration Department for the first quarter of this year shows that 459 permanent residence and Caymanian status applications were received of which just 65 were refused, while only another 54 were delayed.


The report also reveals that the huge backlog of permanent residence applications that built up following 2004’s Hurricane Ivan now seems to have nearly disappeared.  According  to immigration records, in 2007 there were more than 3,500 people working in the country “by operation of the law” – which means they were awaiting decisions on permanent residence applications or on appeals of work permits that had been denied.  By the end of March 2013, this figure was under 600.

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