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CML is at the 2011 Cayman Chamber Careers Expo!

The CML Admin and Support Services team and I set out with one important goal in mind; to inspire Cayman’s students and have a little bit of Friday fun. This Chamber Careers Expo gave us the perfect opportunity to introduce CML Recruitment to students and interact with more candidates.

I’m happy to report that we achieved all of the above! Louise Reed, our recruitment consultant, kicked off this Chamber Careers Expo with a Vote of Thanks to the VIPs, sponsors and organisers during the opening ceremony.

From that moment on, Tiffany Morgan, Louise and I were busy interacting and getting to learn more about the students. We also had a handful of job-seekers that were constantly visiting our booth! It was great to see so many people trying to further their careers. We were able to advise them on future career choices, interview skills, resume writing and general job-seeking strategies and provide them with literature to take home and read. (This literature is available from our office for interested individuals, please contact me to find out more)

If you missed us, feel free to contact Lousie Reed for more information.

One of our main goals for this Chamber Careers Expo was to gain an insight into the type of careers today’s students are interested in pursuing. From our study, here are the top 10 occupation interests:

2011 Top Occupation Interests

  1. Accountant
  2. Doctor
  3. Computer Technician
  4. Manager
  5. Lawyer
  6. Immigration Officer
  7. Teacher
  8. HR Manager
  9. Artist
  10. Engineer

We have a feeling that some students visited the Immigration Department booth before visiting ours!

As well as providing career and job-seeking advice, we also encouraged friendly competition between attendees by challenging them to Wii’s Dance Dance Revolution! The dance game happily lightened the mood of the job-seekers who are finding it difficult to get quick results in this challenging job market.

For more information about the Careers Fair, or CML in general, feel free to contact our team at today!


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