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Financial Services Recruitment Head

CML’s Recruitment Team with new Head of FS Recruitment Louise Reed (front).

We are very pleased to announce that veteran recruitment consultant (and new mum!) Louise Reed has recently moved into a new and expanded role at CML heading our Financial Services recruitment team.

Louise is one of the most highly regarded recruitment professionals ever to have worked at CML and is a role model for all of us at CML in her professionalism and exemplary work ethic.  In fact, the only thing that can be readily criticised is her pathetic contribution to the office swear jar, which being Scottish, should be a line item on my payslip.

Louise joined CML in 2009 after 7 years with a well known UK recruitment firm where she had risen the ranks to Regional Manager.  During her time with CML she has become extremely knowledgeable in the offshore financial services employment market and known and respected by our valued clients in all industry sectors.  Her market experience and reputation for responsiveness and results among both client and candidates made Louise a natural choice to head our Financial Services recruitment team.

Working with Louise in our newly-expanded financial services recruitment team are: newly minted Recruitment Consultant (and new mum too!) Tiffany Turrell;  chair-hopper extraordinaire, Abbey Le Cornu; and Ambrose “the Irish Adonis” Guilfoyle (he’s taken, ladies).

Chris Bailey will continue to handle executive search projects in FS and beyond while I will of course continue to stick my beak in where it’s wanted (and where it’s not!).

If you have any questions about the new arrangement, feel free to contact us for a chat on +1 345 949 1345.


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