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Louise Reed, Chris Bailey and Anna Jay on the first day of their challenge!

So New Year’s Day resolutions came….and went and I am still eating like it’s Christmas… Something needs to change, I need a challenge to help me lose the last few lbs of weight I gained whilst pregnant last year. Help!!

I never realized until I looked online what a huge deal the weight loss competitions had become and randomly how much money there is to be won!!  Follow one team’s weight loss story to a $10,000 prize !

Well I don’t need a prize – just being able to sit in my suit at work without stopping the blood circulating around my body will be good enough for me.

Some of the CML staff, well only the ones whose trousers and skirts won’t fit, have decided to join the ever growing popular sport of weight loss wars.  The challenge has been set… Anna Jay and I have been challenged by Chris Bailey to lose 20lbs between us… and he plans to lose 20lbs himself. We have had our weigh in this morning and have 12 weeks in which to lose the weight.

Watch out Chris and Anna the war has begun!


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