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Relocating abroad is something many people dream about, particularly if the destination offers year-round sunshine, miles of un-spoilt beaches and tax free earnings! However if you are married and have a family, the decision can be more complex and there are many additional factors that need to be taken into consideration.

One key factor to consider is whether your spouse will be also able to secure employment in your destination of choice. The strict immigration laws in Cayman mean that whilst spouses can accompany their husbands or wives as a dependent on their work permit, this does not automatically allow them to work. However, it does provide spouses with the opportunity to relocate, settle in and search for work when they arrive, free from the pressures of taking up a post immediately on arrival.

Whilst CML Offshore Recruitment is perhaps best known for the specialized international search finding jobs for qualified lawyers and financial services candidates, we also work in other related fields. We have highly experienced consultants recruiting to the IT market and our Trust, Administration and Support Services Team (TASS) have the necessary sills and experience to work with both local and international candidates for a variety of support roles.

Candidates who have made the decision to relocate, or have already relocated with a husband or wife who is starting a new job, are very appealing to prospective employers for a number of reasons. From a financial perspective, employers are freed from the requirement to contribute to relocation costs, which can include airfares, temporary accommodation etc. They are also assured that the candidate has already committed to the move with their spouse or family, so the possibility of a change of heart is much less likely and the risk is therefore less than recruiting from overseas.

CML’s consultants pride themselves on offering full recruitment and immigration services to their candidates and clients and will fully support the relocation process, for candidates and their families. We are happy to offer candid advice on the job market and the opportunities that we recruit to in offshore jurisdictions and will endeavor to assist anyone who has skills and experience that are transferrable to the local job market.

So, if you are thinking about a move abroad and would like to get the full picture about opportunities for yourself and for your spouse, please contact one of the consultants below:

Legal:                                    Simon Scott or Anna Jay

Financial Services:            Sinead Byrne or Ambrose Guilfoyle

IT:                                           Emma Roberts or Chris Turrell

TASS:                                     Louise Reed, Tiffany Turrell or Abbey Le Cornu

For further information please visit our website ( or our video channel (

You can also find advice on relocating to the Cayman Islands at


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