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The divide between contract and permanent work has often been a catalyst for much discussion ever since I started working in recruitment.  While my location has changed, it seems the mentality has not.

The positives and negatives for both sides of the fence often seem to cancel each other out.  While contracting offers huge financial incentives and flexibility, permanent positions offer stability and sometimes huge company benefits.

In the Caribbean IT market, it seems to be very naturally focused towards obtaining and retaining permanent staff, for obvious work permit issues.  From a recruitment and entirely selfish perspective, that has completely eradicated any payroll/timesheet issues which use to cause much pain in my previous role!

However, there still seems to be a number of Caymanians (and Bermudians!) who are available immediately and looking for 3-6 month project work.  The real issue seems to be convincing corporate companies on the island that there are some very talented IT professionals available to work on new and exciting projects.

I would like to reach out to anyone who would be interested in this type of work, and narrow down the divide as much as possible between the two.

Please get in touch if you want to send your details across



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