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One of the primary IT industries that we recruit within here at CML is .NET Software Development. Our IT recruiter, Claire Murray, is exceptionally knowledgeable about what qualifications, experience, and skills it takes to land a role as she frequently places candidates in this space.

We thought it might be helpful to share some insight into what being in this industry in Cayman looks like first-hand, so we decided to chat with someone who can explain the ins and outs of the role itself!

Trevoir Williams is an IT candidate of ours that we placed in March 2020. Trevoir is a .NET Software Engineer at CIMA in the Cayman Islands. Below, we asked Trevoir a few questions to pick his brain about his new role and how he’s adjusting to it.

What was your location and position before moving to Cayman?

I lived and worked in Jamaica as a System Analyst before connecting with Claire at CML and securing a role in Cayman.

Can you give me a brief description of what your role in .NET Software Engineering entails currently and how it compares to what you did before moving on-island?

I am currently a Programmer/Analyst with a financial institution. This role is very similar to what I did in Jamaica, where I was a System Analyst. In both jobs, I need to solve daily problems and ensure the smooth running of critical systems.

From your experience so far, how would you rate the IT environment (in terms of technologies, methodologies, etc.) in your current role compared to your previous jurisdiction?

The IT environments between Jamaica and Cayman are quite similar. Outside of unique cultural and jurisdiction laws and nuances of individual organizations, I can still carry out tasks that I am comfortable with and can grow and expand my knowledge.

When considering work-life balance, how does it compare to before you moved to Cayman?

The work-life balance is a bit better here. In addition, the accessibility of relaxing spots, such as being able to quickly stop by the beach for sunset or attend happy hour with friends, really increases your ability to unwind after work.

Since you first started your position in Cayman, what do you think has been your biggest challenge?

It was more the adjustment period…getting to know places and finding a place to live. As with any time you relocate to a new area, it takes a bit of time to get acclimated and learn your way around. Also, it can be difficult without a car (I recommend buying one shortly after arriving), but once all of those typical elements that come with moving fell into place, I was comfortable.

When considering the social culture of Cayman, how does it compare to where you were located previously?

It is very different; I have never been in a place with so much diversity. I am always fascinated by different cultures, and Cayman surely has allowed me to meet people from all over. Everyone is very warm and welcoming, so finding friends / making connections with colleagues isn’t hard!

What advice would you give .NET Software Engineers who are keen to make a move to Cayman? Anything you wish you’d known before you moved?

I would encourage you to consider Cayman if you have the opportunity. It is an excellent place to develop your skills while not feeling too stressed. Cayman could be just the place to excel in your career while living out an experience of a lifetime.

Whether you’re a Software Developer on-island already or are considering Cayman as your next career move, don’t hesitate to have a confidential conversation with the professionals here at CML Recruitment. We’re always happy to provide clarity and understand the industry and how the recruitment process works!

There’s significant growth in the IT industry here in Cayman, so there isn’t a better time to ask questions if it’s something you might be interested in, or just head to our IT Industry FAQs to find out more. To speak with our IT Recruiter, Claire, please send her an email at and always feel free to check our current jobs on our website 


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