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Did you know that engaging with a recruitment agency is a managerial decision to delegate a task? That’s correct. Delegating tasks play a significant role in working more effectively and efficiently. But, when it comes to delegating tasks, managers often forget that delegating is supposed to increase job satisfaction, not take away from it.

Delegating The Recruitment Process

When our clients ask for assistance in managing their day-to-day projects with recruitment agencies, we begin with one crucial question: “How interested are hiring managers in the roles you are trying to fill?

If the answer is ‘Hiring Managers are honestly not that interested in the functions or roles’, we advise our clients to put strong metrics and performance benchmarks in place when searching for candidates and delegate the recruitment process to Human Resources staff and a recruiter. As professionals, we tend to respond with: “In that case, here are the metrics your HR team should use on the recruiters. We suggest you take a hands-off approach and focus on the quality and results. You will need to trust your HR team and the recruiter. After all, it’s in their interest to fill the jobs to your satisfaction.”

However, when clients tell us Hiring Managers are interested in their organization’s roles, functions or specifics, our advice is very different. When Hiring Managers express a sincere interest, we often respond with: “Well, if there is a sincere interest in the recruitment process, you should get involved. We recommend that hiring managers schedule frequent slots in their calendars to recap and discuss projects with both HR and the recruiter – delegate, but actively manage!”

Questions To Ask Your Recruiter

We also advise on the search aspects that a recruiter is best suited to engage meaningfully with management. Here are a few questions we tend to ask to move the recruitment process along.

  • What is your average team size?
  • What titles does the function carry in other organizations?
  • What is the bonus vs salary structure in other organizations?
  • Where exactly have we searched? Where have most applicants been generated?
  • Where exactly would the recruiter recommend we search next – and most importantly, why, what, where?”

Keeping these questions in mind allows the Hiring Manager, HR team, and recruiter to examine their process, gain insightful results and delegate tasks to work more efficiently and effectively. Delegating tasks do not have to be strenuous if you have complete trust in your organization!

As a Hiring Manager, you will be happier to see results while still having an active hand in the process. In return, your HR team will be glad to work more closely with dedicated candidates, and any recruiter will be grateful for your commitment to the project.

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