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Take a moment to look around yourself. Now consider the truth of this statement: Every single thing of any value was created by one thing: human effort. The skill of the tradesperson, the ingenuity of the designer, the sweat of the production line worker. An infinitely complex chain of human effort. And it doesn’t stop with you, or even with the customer of your product or service. In fact, it never stops; it just goes on and on.

The Employee Value Curve e-Book invites you to re-imagine the dynamics of career advancement, and the practice of human resource management, as a search for growth in value. Not just in the value of your company but in your own personal value. Further, Steve argues that, since the value in most companies is created entirely by its employees, they’re really just two sides of the same coin.

 Open or download the free e-Book to learn:

  • How to advance in your career by focusing on the value you create for your employer.
  • How managers and executives can become more effective, and drive value in their companies, through a focus on HR. 
  • How HR professionals can raise their level of influence and effectiveness by understanding how HR creates value in a business.

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