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Candidates must "tick all the boxes"

Candidates must "tick all the boxes" in today's market

The offshore market remains a firm favorite for qualified accountants and finance professionals from countries around the globe.  With a tight economy and uncertain global economic outlook, many people are looking for jobs in Cayman, Bermuda and BVI for career opportunities and long term security.  So what are conditions like for overseas job seekers in these locations?

Not unlike the main onshore financial centers, Cayman, Bermuda and BVI, are experiencing a shortage of jobs available for senior level qualified accounting professionals.  However, specialist roles still exist for candidates with certain niche experience such as reinsurance accounting, trust, insolvency and restructuring and fund directorships.  Traditional financial and management accounting roles are much sought after but continue to be a rarity.  In the current market where the supply of accountants outweighs demand, employers are calling for the very best candidates only and unless applicants “tick all the boxes” employers simply will not consider them.  In many cases employers are seeking previous offshore experience, a candidate that has knowledge of the offshore market and understands the process around relocating and what to expect on arrival.  This, combined with a fluid and active crop of qualified job seekers already on the ground in Cayman and Bermuda, make it an even bigger challenge for overseas candidates to compete for offshore jobs.

When it comes to entry level accounting roles, there is still momentum and in a back office location such as Cayman the need for newly qualified auditors, insolvency seniors, trust and insurance accountants remains.  As we enter the last quarter of 2012 clients typically start to prepare budgets and plan resources for the new year.  But remember, for all overseas candidates, direct relevant experience is key and clients will only settle for the very best of the best.

In today’s market job seekers truly committed to securing an offshore position must be prepared to be patient and realistic.  Opportunities still exist but competition is fierce.  Candidates should focus on understanding the job description, perfecting their resumes, doing their research, and keeping abreast of offshore market news.

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