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In recent years our IT recruitment team here at CML have observed extensive growth in the IT industry in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda & the British Virgin Islands. As the financial and legal industries grow, so do in-house IT teams and consultancies.

We cannot recommend it enough to our experienced candidates to step outside their comfort zones and try something new and in some cases, somewhere new! But how exactly do you go about the process of finding your dream job offshore?

1. What IT Experience Do You Need?

One of the first steps when deciding if relocating offshore is the right step for your career is to reflect on if your skills and qualifications align with the demand offshore.

In-demand IT Skills/Experience

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Project Management & BA
  4. Network Engineering
  5. IT Support
  6. IT Sales
  7. Software QA/Testing
  8. Executive-level IT Experience

2. Research Life Offshore

If your area of expertise aligns with the above and you have the requisite qualifications in your field, the next step is doing some background research on the different offshore jurisdictions and if you will be happy there. It’s a big step to decide to make a career change and an even bigger step to do so in a new location.

3. Speak to Our Team

You are already halfway there! Now that you’re confident that you have the right skills and that life offshore is truly something meant for you, our team can help you with the next steps. Speak with our IT recruiter about current vacancies and your long-term career goals; in this consultation, we will advise you on what options might best align with these goals and make an action plan to help you achieve them by representing you to our clients.

Hopefully, one of the opportunities returns a positive response to your profile, then the next step is to ace your tech interview in paradise with the help of our team. If not, don’t fret; our team will keep working with you and keep you aware of new opportunities as they arise with our various clients – as long as you don’t give up hope on this dream, neither will we.

Looking for a position offshore? Feel free to contact one of our recruiters at to start your offshore job search.


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