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When talks about my first blog came up, I instantly became excited! It is wonderful to have the opportunity to share my story and experiences as CML Recruitment’s FIRST FS Recruitment Apprentice. I’m glad to have others join me on my journey, and I guess you could say welcome to my start of something new (cue high school musical? No? Okay).

Before CML

In August of 2018, after finishing up a gap year on island, I started my Associates at The University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) in Social Sciences. In the middle of my 3rd semester, I was introduced to the Director of the Student Life Department. I secured an internship within the department and was introduced to areas of study I had never considered.

Being the type of student who knew what I wanted to become from high school, I was convinced that I would become a School Counselor, but like how I was convinced I would be a professional dancer at the age of 8, this dream did not last.

During my time at UCCI, I considered moving on to my bachelor’s in social sciences, and there were options to obtain concentrations in Psychology and Human Resources. In the department I worked, they also help students receive jobs, internships, and experience at local companies and businesses. They were assisting firms to recruit new staff for available roles. These two things combined sparked my interest in Human Resources.

FS Recruitment Apprentice: A Beacon of Light in the Dark

In 2020 Nova was recruiting for their second HR Apprentice. I had been on the lookout for it since learning about the opportunity through Hannah Jackson, their first HR Apprentice, at a job fair at UCCI earlier. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and family obligations, I completely missed the opportunity. I told myself that wouldn’t happen again. I remember putting notifications on for CML and Nova on their Instagram profiles and telling myself that next time was my time. And it was!

Once I saw CML post their apprenticeship, I immediately jumped on it. It was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to miss again. What could be better than working while getting paid and learning from a fantastic team of professionals?  I had graduated, been out of work for eight months, unable to find a suitable role; it seemed that this was my beacon of light in the dark.

Shortly afterwards, CML contacted me, and the interview process began. The interviews were like none I had ever had before. Questions asked made me feel at ease and made me think more than I ever had before. Internships that I have previously completed seemed to hinder my applications since they were not considered long enough to gain adequate experience.  However, the team interviewing at CML saw these as valuable experiences and beneficial to my resume. Nonetheless, I walked out feeling uncertain and a little afraid I wouldn’t secure the position. Then I received the call, and it was all up from there.

The Learning Process Begins

At the start of this program, I had almost no idea what to expect. I knew I would be working with a team of professionals, and I knew the basics of what I would be learning, but there was no right way to prepare. Nonetheless, I was determined to accept it all with open arms and work (while learning) to the best of my capability. So far, I have learned a variety of different skills! Some of those skills include:

  • What to look for when matching a candidate to a job
  • How to conduct an interview
  • What the recruitment process looks like from start to finish
  • Immigration considerations to the Cayman Islands
  • Communications with candidates from the Cayman Islands and the rest of the World

At this point, I have enjoyed every step of the journey.  Of course, I’m still at the beginning of my two-year apprenticeship. I know that working with a team of people who couldn’t be friendlier and welcoming that my journey will be incredible. Fingers crossed!

I look forward to learning more and starting the process of obtaining my HR certification. It’ll be a busy next few months, but I’m ready for it all.

Till next time, your 2021 CML FS Recruitment Apprentice Jada!


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