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We often hear and say things like ‘time is going so fast’ or ‘wow, it’s September already, that’s crazy!’ but I’ve never truly felt it until this moment.  This year has been a whirlwind, and still, it’s only just the beginning of my apprentice journey!

Forensics isn’t just a Term they use on Crime Shows

I started as CML’s first-ever Financial Services Recruitment Apprentice last year with a drive for HR but no idea or experience of what it could be like from all sides.  One year in, I’ve expanded my knowledge and skillset in many different areas, exceeding my expectations.  Six months ago, I was learning about the Financial Services industry on and off island.  From what an Audit Senior was, to how much of the world’s hedge funds are located in the Cayman Islands (spoiler, it’s over 60%), to discovering that forensics isn’t just a term they use on crime shows.

Immigration, HR Consulting and Recruitment are all in a Day’s Work

The apprenticeship program is a 24-month rotational program, so after my first year in the books, I’m beginning to venture out to other teams in our company, where I’m learning even more.  Through the apprentice rotation, I am now getting exposure within our Immigration Team, our HR Consulting team, our sister company, Nova Recruitment, and our non-profit Connect by Nova.  I could start my day sourcing for Audit candidates and then sit in on a meeting with a student looking for resume assistance.  The next minute I could assist with a work permit application or meet with a client to discuss a new HR assistance plan. Through the rotation, I can see all the different aspects of the world of HR and employment services, try my hand at them all and start to see where my passions truly lie within this vast industry.

Upliftment from my Colleagues got me Through

A journey isn’t without a few hiccups along the way;  In my blog six months ago, I mentioned I was about to take my on-island HR Certification with the hope of writing this after receiving it.  I undertook the training, connected with HR directors and students, and sat for my exam.  Unfortunately, I missed the mark by 1 point.  I was met with nothing but upliftment from colleagues with offers to help me study or to give me crash courses, and I will be taking full advantage of this to prepare for my exam retake in a few weeks.

With a year left of my apprenticeship, there are still so many things for me to experience and master with new exams to take and pass (fingers crossed!).  It’s wonderful to look back on my progress so far, but it also makes me excited for what lies ahead.  This journey is full of triumphs and failures, and I am thankful to be surrounded by those who motivate me.

Till next time, your 2021 CML FS Recruitment Apprentice Jada!


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