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Happy Friday everyone!


We often hear from our lovely candidates on what they can do to stand out with their resume preparation and how to impress in an interview!


Here are some tips on “Do’s and Don’ts” to ensure success for your preparation so you can secure your next exciting opportunity.


Let’s start with Resume preparation…


Do include a single phone number and email address

Don’t…worry about going over 1 page

Do include a URL to your professional Linkedin profile

Don’t…include images or use crazy fonts or colors

Do include a clear and concise professional career objective/ executive summary

Don’t…send off your resume without proofreading/spellchecking first

Do include a technical skills summary

Don’t…lie on your resume

Do use reverse chronological order (most recent experience first)

Don’t…list your high school (unless you are still early in your career)

Do include the month/year you commenced work

Don’t…be generic with your statements Provide short company descriptions

Do use keywords (i.e “financial modelling”)

Don’t…use abbreviations

Do include volunteer work/interests that are relevant to job seeking

Do remember ease of reading and logical flow is important


Let’s not forget the successful interview:


Don’t…be late. Never be late. If you’re on time for one thing, make it the job interview.

Do offer a firm handshake.

Don’t…speak negatively about your former boss.

Do prepare, prepare, prepare! Do a practice run with a friend. Practice makes perfect.

Do be confident.

Don’t..bring your mom.

Do bring copies of relevant documentation.

Don’t…dress too casually or wear revealing clothing.

Do speak clearly.

Don’t…lie. Be honest.

Do be friendly with everyone you meet on the way in and always smile.

Don’t…show up knowing nothing about the company and/or position.

Do have some great anecdotes that demonstrate your skills and experience.

Do make eye contact.

Do turn off your phone – don’t answer your phone/check Facebook.

Do listen and ask for clarification of anything you don’t understand.

Do watch your posture.

Don’t…ask about salary too early in the conversation.

Do try to get contact information for the people interviewing you.

Don’t…have an attitude or interrupt.


Good luck and have a great weekend!




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