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It’s the first week back to work and the beginning of a whole New Year.  Exciting or Frightening?

Most of us have had a nice extended holiday and the thought of returning to the office doesn’t always fill us with excitement!  Here are a few tips to ease the pain and get your mindset ready for the office and a full working week –

Get some rest!  Avoid partying the day before you return to work.  Relax, unwind (partying can be hard work sometimes), and free your day of any activities.

Prepare.  Get your work gear organized the evening before, gather your tools and be ready to set off without any hassle.

Get a head start.  It’s a good idea to get up a little earlier on your first day back and get to work ahead of schedule.  You might even try some exercise (New Year’s Resolutions perhaps…..)

Mingle.  Meet your colleagues, discuss your holidays, exchange stories and catch up.  It helps to make the transition back to work a little easier.   We’re all in it together!

Review.  Take a look at your work history, remind yourself of what was happening before you went on holiday, follow up on any out-standing calls, emails and messages.

Plan.  Set your goals, know your targets and use all your resources to get tasks completed.

Enjoy your work and have some fun along the way!

Wishing everyone a successful 2013.



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