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Workforce Opportunities Residency Cayman (WORC), the Government agency now responsible for administering work permits and the National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA), among other responsibilities, confirmed on Friday that its NWDA jobs portal will not accept new job postings after Friday 29th November.

Getting Ready for WORC
The NWDA website is being decommissioned to make way for the Jobs Cayman portal which is set to come online imminently.

NWDA site decommissioned to make way for WORC

It is currently unknown whether the new portal will eliminate the requirement for advertising in the local newspapers prior to advertising for work permit grants and renewals, as previously publicized. This would need to be enacted in the immigration legislation in the upcoming months, if the Government decides to proceed with this measure.

Unlike the NWDA, the Jobs Cayman portal will have enterprise capabilities, meaning that all persons accessing a company’s account for adding vacancy listings and reviewing applicants will require individual user accounts. Employers will also be able to set permissions for varying access levels for their users.

The Jobs Cayman portal, in this first phase, will only replace the NWDA website. Later phases, planned for 2020, propose to include online work permit application submissions and administrative processing of these applications.

What Does This Mean for Employers?
As this is only the first phase of the portal, work permit application forms and checklists should continue to be used. As best practice, please do list all of your short- and long-term vacancies on Jobs Cayman once it becomes available.

Whilst the NWDA will not accept new listings, you will be able to access the existing postings and view applicants for those roles.
The Jobs Cayman portal will be accessed using your CIGnet login credentials. If you already have a CIGnet username and password using your own email address (as opposed to a generic company email account e.g., this will be valid on Jobs Cayman. If you do not have your own unique username and password, please register for one here.

Once the portal becomes live, you will be able to set up a profile as well as a Company Account and give access to the various users in your organization (who should also create their own profiles using CIGnet credentials).

What Does This Mean for Job Seekers?
Your Jobs Cayman profile allows you to have multiple roles, so that you can access the portal on behalf a company, processing vacancies or as a job seeker and applicant.

Based on information received during the planning stages, the portal is intended to accept profiles from job seekers who are Caymanian, permanent residents and otherwise already legally and ordinarily resident in the Cayman Islands. We will provide more information on this aspect in a separate post.

How Can CML Help?
If you need assistance with setting up the CIGnet and Jobs Cayman accounts and permissions for your business or require specific advice for managing your ongoing applications, please do not hesitate to contact our Cayman immigration consultants Denize Solomon on  or Juliette Gilbert on as we help you transition with WORC.


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