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The Cayman Islands has often been perceived as a location which attracts people from all over the world, whether it’s a short break or a permanent place to live.  Over the past five years the rise of the IT market is something which has perhaps gone under the radar.

Whether you’re looking at an area such as software development or infrastructure, there is no shortage of talent on the island.  Many will argue that it’s currently being dominated by an ex-pat influence, with a number of people deciding to pack their bags and work somewhere where the sun always shines.

From a recruitment perspective, I have spoken to a number of key influencers on the island who are surprised the array of talent here.  The ‘Caribbean lifestyle’ often has its own connotations, but lately the productivity and end result continue to help the economy thrive.

Without looking at specific statistics I can tell you that at CML we receive around 20/30 applications per day from people looking for IT jobs either here in Cayman, or throughout the Caribbean.  Of course there will be a large percentage which don’t quite fit the profile for jobs over here, but it gives you an idea of how much jobs like these are in demand at this moment in time.

If you’re interested in securing a position over here then please feel free to send over your CV to me directly –


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