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At CML Offshore Recruitment, we’re currently compiling the most comprehensive Offshore Salary Survey and Market Update! We’re hoping this adds value and is of interest and relevance to you; Employers, Job Seekers and Business Stakeholders.

What are our Salary Survey Goals?

Firstly, the CML team aims to demonstrate the wavelength of salaries over the past 12 – 24 months as the economic downturn continued to bite.

Secondly, we hope to show you how the green shoots of recovery are slowly but surely beginning to sprout in line with our observations. Are you feeling more or less confident about your job search/security as opposed to 6 and 12 months ago?

Thirdly, Employers, we intend to get a better understanding of your business needs for the next 6 months and into 2011. We hope to be able to advise when it comes to relevant candidates actively and passively looking for new opportunities – Where should you be looking? What type of candidates should you be seeking? How much should you be paying? CML will be able to use information gathered and collate it into easy to understand results. Furthermore, we will be able to assist from start to finish for the entire recruitment process, from searching for candidates to contract exchange.

Fourthly, Candidates, we intend to understand better how the market has been affected for job seekers over the past 6 months, but more importantly, how you feel about your career prospects and aspirations in the short, mid and long term futures. How have your current jobs and jobs you are looking to do moving forwards changed? Did this affect your salaries, and have you altered your expectations? Where are you now looking to work? Additionally, CML will be able to use information collected to help manage expectations and find the most suitable, attractive opportunity for you.

How Can You Help Us With This Salary Survey?

To gain a comprehensive set of results as possible, we would appreciate assistance from you. If you could communicate;

Employers; Have your resourcing needs been affected over the past 12 months. How do you feel they will change over the next 6 – 12 months? Have you found the process easy or difficult if you have hired similar positions over the past year? Is the market saturated with candidates, or have you found that the ‘A’ candidate is harder to attract and, subsequently, attract? Have the salaries offered to new hires been affected at all? How have bonuses been affected within your organisation?

Candidates, how have your salary expectations been affected? Have you had to amend the types of positions you wish to seek? How has your job security changed?

I understand that this information can be sensitive, feel free to communicate privately.

We hope to be able to provide a comprehensive report that will assist with your recruiting needs and job search.

Meanwhile, CML has confidence you can find your dream job in Cayman, BVI and other offshore jurisdictions!


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