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Is CML recruiting during the pandemic?  The Answer, simply, is YES!

Are you uncertain about looking for a new job during a global pandemic?  We know there is still a lot of uncertainty across the world regarding the return to work or if now is the right time to make a move. Are you questioning if companies are hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic?  The answer is yes, they are, and CML is here to help.

CML is actively recruiting for the Cayman Islands, BVI and Bermuda, with all our active positions posted on our website.  CML specialises in the offshore market focusing on financial services, legal, accounting and IT sectors.  We represent top firms in all three jurisdictions.

CML is the No. 1 Recruitment Firm for Offshore Accounting and Financial Services Jobs.

Our recruiters stay updated with all the current entry requirements for the Cayman Islands, BVI & Bermuda.  All jurisdictions are open to new arrivals that have the correct travel documents, vaccinations, and approvals.

Perhaps you are reading this blog post in the UK, where the weather is starting to make a change for the worse.  It’s a perfect time to start investigating a career move to one of the three exceptional Caribbean Island nations CML represents.

While a move to the Caribbean sounds too good to be true, there are specific immigration criteria’s that the employers and the prospective employee must follow.

Consider the following before jumping in blind!

The Cayman Islands recently mandated all new workers arriving in the jurisdiction prove their vaccination status.  Meaning if you have not completed a verified vaccination program, immigration will refuse your permit or you will have 40 days from arrival to complete the vaccination course in Cayman.

Your spouse, civil partner or child cannot automatically travel with you on a work permit.  Our immigration team can help you add them to your work permit as dependents, but you will have to prove that you have enough income to support them.  Your spouse or civil partner cannot work upon arrival; they would need to seek employment and apply for their work permit if successful.

When immigrating with children of school age, it is essential to remember that a child dependent on a work permit holder can only access private school systems in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.  In the BVI, you can apply to government schools.

Bermuda and the Cayman Islands are seeing their highest unemployment rates.  In the case of the Cayman Islands, this is precisely due to its prolonged border closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Hospitality/Tourism workers have been displaced, with the local population up-skilling or using their transferable skills to enter sectors unaffected by the border closure.  Consequently, work permits can be refused or deferred due to the large pool of talent residing in the jurisdictions.

Employers who seek locals first, affording proper career advancement and training opportunities, should not see issues with work permit approvals.

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic created a more visible shift in the leisure & hospitality industries, jobs offshore are still in demand.  Candidates that are motivated and adaptable to agile working environments can find great opportunities working offshore.

Are you ready to jump right into the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean?

Apart from the many lifestyle benefits, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands offer the opportunity to gain valuable financial services experience with one of many global brand name firms that call the islands home.

Our team of professional recruitment advisors at CML specialise in placing candidates in accounting, financial services, and legal professions.  Don’t entrust your next career move to just anyone. Reach out to one of our recruitment advisors for a confidential conversation at or visit our website for our current job listings.






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