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Following on from our previous post, we can confirm that the JobsCayman online system is now live and in use.

To access the portal, all users, whether a Job Seeker or an Employer, should be registering for their own CIGnet username and password. If you do not have your own unique username and password, please register for one here. You can then login to the new portal here, then set up your personal profile as well as your company account, if applicable.

The JobsCayman site is currently free of charge, however, it is anticipated that a nominal fee will be charged once the platform is up and fully functional and, as best practice, please do list all of your short- and long-term vacancies on JobsCayman now in addition to your regular newspaper advertising. Though you can still view existing job postings, the NWDA is now not accepting any new job postings.

It is currently anticipated that the requirement for advertising in the local newspapers prior to applying for work permit grants and renewals will remain, but this would need to be enacted in the Immigration legislation in the upcoming months if the Government decides to proceed with this measure.

How Can CML Help?

If you have questions about using the JobsCayman portal, please read our article here where we go through everything you need to know when registering and using the JobsCayman portal.

If you need assistance with setting up the CIGnet and JobsCayman accounts and permissions for your business or require specific advice for managing your ongoing applications, please do not hesitate to contact our Cayman immigration consultants Denize Solomon on and Juliette Gilbert on


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