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We hope you enjoy our fourth and final blog from our Life in Cayman Series.  The financial services industry dominates the Cayman Islands economy, and our team at CML are acutely aware of the requirements & demands when recruiting in the jurisdiction.

One of the primary financial industries we recruit for at CML is corporate finance, restructuring and insolvency. Tiara Peverall is exceptionally knowledgeable about the qualifications, experience, and skills to land a role in this field.

We decided it would be helpful for those interested in relocating to the Cayman Islands to hear from our candidates through a Q & A session with their recruiter.  Alex Tesh was an insolvency candidate that we placed in November 2020.  Alex is a manager specialising in corporate finance and restructuring at FTI Consulting. Let’s see what she has to say about working offshore in the Cayman Islands.

Life in Cayman Series – Interview by Tiara Peverall with Alex Tesh

What do you love most about life in Cayman? What are the challenges?  

There are lots of activities to do, people are friendly, and the weather is excellent. The challenges are the admin when you arrive, such as getting a car, setting up a bank account, etc. These essential items can be pretty slow to purchase and set up. 

What does a typical weekend in Cayman look like?   

A typical weekend includes time on the beach, drinking with friends, boat trips and playing sports. 

What does a typical day in the office look like? Are there any fundamental differences between working in Cayman and working in the UK?  

There is no commute to work, and the work is very funds-focused. We do lots of work with the teams in Hong Kong, and other offices and business development work is a lot more fun.  

Can you describe your relocation experience?  

Apart from the stress of sorting out flights during COVID, it was relatively easy. I met a housemate on ECay trade who now I am excellent friends with, settled in really quickly, and met many people in the first couple of months. I felt a bit frazzled in the first couple of months but, in general, settled in well.  

Do you have any advice for someone about relocating? 

If you are speaking to friends and family for advice, really listen to the people who have lived abroad before as they are the ones that can advise you best.

There’s significant growth in the Financial Services industry here in Cayman, so there isn’t a better time to ask questions if it’s something you might be interested in. To speak with our Financial Services Recruiter, Tiara, please send her an email at and always feel free to check our current jobs on our website 


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