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What is life in Cayman like when working in insolvency? The Cayman Islands economy is dominated by the financial services industry, and our team at CML are acutely aware of the requirements & demands when it comes to recruiting in the jurisdiction and are here to give you the inside scoop.

One of the primary financial industries that we recruit for at CML is insolvency. Tiara Peverall is especially knowledgeable about the qualifications, experience and skills it takes to land a role in this field.

We decided it would be helpful for those interested in relocating to the Cayman Islands to hear from our candidates through a Q & A session with their recruiter.  Amiel Gottlieb was an insolvency candidate that we placed in September 2018. Amiel is a manager, specialising in insolvency at Kalo Advisors.  Let’s see what he has to say about working offshore in the Cayman Islands.

Life in Cayman Series – Interview by Tiara Peverall with Amiel Gottlieb

*This is part 1 of the insolvency series, to read another inside account check out part 2 here.

Tiara: What does a typical weekend in Cayman look like?   

Amiel: A typical weekend would generally consist of meeting up with friends for a meal or some drinks on Friday night / Saturday. As the Island is traditionally religious, many of the stores will close on a Sunday, leaving room for a brunch, a dive or just relaxing on the beach with a book. 

 Tiara: What do you love most about life in Cayman? What are the challenges?  

Amiel: The Island is unique in that it has big-city amenities but a unique small-town feel. There is always something to do here, and when Covid-free, it is a hub to travel this side of the world that I wouldn’t have had access to as an Australian.  

With the small-town feel following moving to Cayman, I felt pretty challenged by the loss of anonymity. But with time, you become accustomed to it. 

Another challenge that I struggled with was the cost of living. When first moving to the Island, it is a shock, but when you consider that there is no tax on wages, you end up coming out on top. 

Tiara: What does a typical day in the office look like? 

Amiel: I am fortunate to work for a firm that working from home has become part of the “new normal”.  The firm entrusts us with planning our day with flexibility that may still allow us to catch an early sunrise, an after-work beach walk or maybe even squeeze in an early morning trip to the driving range.  

 If I were in the office, the day would typically start at 8.30 (after a 5-minute commute to work) and usually see me leave at around 6.30.  

Tiara: Are there any fundamental differences between working in Cayman and working in Australia?  

Amiel: There was certainly a learning curve when first starting to work in Cayman, but as both jurisdictions are based on UK law, many skills and knowledge are transferrable.  

As Cayman is a small community, the insolvency world is an even smaller sub-set. There are a lot more social, marketing and networking/social events than back in Australia. 

Tiara: From a career perspective, what are your thoughts on working offshore? 

Amiel: I feel that working offshore can fast track your career as I have had exposure to some of the world’s most high-profile insolvencies, often working with several different jurisdictions and working with highly ambitious and intelligent people.  

Tiara: How was your experience with CML? 

Amiel: My relocation experience was great, and I feel like instead of telling me what I wanted to hear, CML were realistic and managed my expectations well. Their honesty and clarity ensured that there were no surprises when I arrived, which is great when moving halfway across the world! 

My girlfriend moved out with me, and CML was fantastic in helping her find a job through their sister agency, Nova Recruitment, and feel settled once she arrived. 

Tiara: Can you describe your relocation experience?  

Amiel: For the first six months, everything was excellent, new, and felt like a holiday.  However, after six months, it flicked from the relocation being a “holiday” to “real life”. I was faced with another set of challenges that took me a while to embrace. Once I accepted the change and adjusted my attitude, I fell in love with the Island all over again. 

Tiara: Do you have any advice for someone relocating?  

Amiel: Just say “yes” to everything when first arriving. You will get opportunities to do things you never thought you would attempt or with unexpected people; just dive headfirst into the island lifestyle. 

Whether you’re on-island already or are considering Cayman as your next career move, don’t hesitate to have a confidential conversation with the professionals here at CML Recruitment. We’re always happy to provide clarity and understand the industry and how the recruitment process works!

There’s significant growth in the Financial Services industry here in Cayman, so there isn’t a better time to ask questions if it’s something you might be interested in. To speak with our Financial Services Recruiter, Tiara, please send her an email at and always feel free to check our current jobs on our website 


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