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Relocation is becoming a trend: According to the UK Office of National Statistics an average of 400 Brits leave the country each day to start a new life abroad. That’s equivalent to a full Boeing 747 jumbo jet taking off, never to return!

The study showed that, in 2012 alone, 321,000 people left Britain and the reasons cited for relocation to another country are mixed. The majority of older expats leave for a better lifestyle and warmer climate, whilst the younger generation of deserters leave to pursue better jobs, paying more money, in growing overseas economies.

There are concerns about Britian’s brightest leaving; the research disclosed that 10% of students graduating from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Exeter and Durham secured overseas jobs, rising to 12% of students from St Andrew’s, Scotland.

Lower taxes, better public services, work life balance and warmer climates are enticing Brits away from the UK. The Cayman Islands, with a population of around 55,000 plays host to over 25,000 expatriates many of whom originate from Britain. Q2 reports have shown an increase in activity for the offshore financial and legal industries . . .  will this result in more professionals heading for the beaches?!

The benefits for individuals who have studied in the UK to become Lawyers/ Accountants/ IT professionals, is that firms in the Overseas Territories often seek UK qualifications. Bermuda, BVI and the Cayman Islands’ Law, for example, is based on UK Law. Having a degree from a leading UK University can also be considered an advantage.

If you are interested in exploring offshore job opportunities in legal, finance or IT, please send a copy of your CV to, or click here to register and one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your options.


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