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It’s that time of the year again.  While many of us are still brushing the pine needles off our festive jumpers, a record amount of people are applying for new jobs.

It would seem the cold weather and a sip of mulled wine appear to make people sit back and re-think their next career step, and this is where CML can help.

As the largest offshore recruitment company based in the Caribbean, January has become the busiest time of the year.   Our sole aim has now become to speak to as many curious candidates as possible.  While the majority know little about life abroad, it has become second nature for us to reel off the huge benefits about working in a place like Grand Cayman, Bermuda or the Bahamas.  I for one can’t think of too many people whose ears don’t prick up when they hear the word ‘Caribbean’ when discussing jobs.

Still not convinced? Read a recently published article in Forbes by Chloe Grey who makes some very valid points about the benefits of living abroad:

Whether you work in IT, Finance or Legal, there are all sorts of possibilities and now is the time to register with us and take that first step towards a life-changing decision.

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