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As recruitment professionals, we cannot express how important personal branding is to your career advancement prospects and how social media can help you with your personal branding.

Are you active on LinkedIn? When asked this question, many people will say, “I’m not looking for a new job” or “I’m happy in my current role.” If you are one of these people, you may not see the value of creating a LinkedIn profile and could be limiting yourself.

Think of this scenario: While working, a business owner addresses you and says, “Hello! I’ve heard a lot about you, and I’d like to discuss a high-paying job opportunity that will allow you to build your skills/expand your business.”

If you were in this position, wouldn’t you be intrigued? Most people would be!

Why Is Personal Branding So Important

We cannot express the importance of using social media, specifically LinkedIn, for personal branding and showcasing your skills. As we all know, LinkedIn has become a popular platform used by both job seekers and employers. With this being said, over the years, LinkedIn has developed more and more tools and elements to help people build their personal brands.

Many people believe that “Not Looking” means “Not Interested”, but this is not the case. We have found that many professionals are dishonest about being ‘happy’ within their current roles. In truth, these individuals are secretly trying to avoid the hassle of job hunting or are scared of putting their current jobs at risk by stating they are “Open to Work.”

We can pretty much guarantee employers are always seeking to recruit new employees. Therefore, LinkedIn makes the process easy. If an employer is impressed with your LinkedIn profile and is intrigued, they will make an effort to contact you. This saves you the hassle of job searching and placing your job at risk, and so is the perfect tool for the passively looking candidate.

Utilize LinkedIn to Reap the Benefits

Did you know that LinkedIn is marked #1 for employers who seek new employees? You are likely at the top of an employer’s scoreboard in a recruitment process if you are actively personal branding and campaigning on LinkedIn.

If you have the skills and experience they’re looking for and are actively upholding an impressive LinkedIn profile, you might just land yourself a great job that you didn’t even know you wanted. All that is to say that having a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough; you need to be utilizing the platform in an engaging way for it to really be adding value and showcasing your personal brand.

Looking for a new career and need help navigating the hassle of the job hunting process? Work with our team so we can help the process simple and straightforward. Reach out to today for a confidential conversation.


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