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MandrawingArrowUpLeading offshore law firm Appleby recently released its Q2 report on the M&A activity in offshore financial centres. Largely, the report paints a positive picture in which renewed confidence and an increase in deals are revealed. Not only has the number of completed deals remained consistent with the Q1 report but overall and average deal value is remarkably similar too. There is optimism that this stability will continue through 2013 and beyond with a resurgence in mid-market activity that has been missing since 2008.

Here are some highlight findings from the report;

  • In the second quarter of 2013 there were 493 deals announced offshore, with a combined value of USD31.6bn. This puts the quarter slightly ahead of Q1 2013.
  • In Q2 2013 average deal size stood at USD64m and that figure is the same for the year to date. If this is maintained to year-end or improved, deal sizes in 2013 would be greater than they have been in at least five of the last eight years.
  • Finance and insurance deals continued to power the offshore M&A markets. In Q2 2013 there were 168 deals in that sector with a combined value of USD 10bn, up quite considerably on Q1 2013, when there were 147 deals in the sector worth USD6.5bn.
  • By average deal size the offshore region ranks third globally, behind only North America and South and Central America in Q2 2103.

Report itself

CNS article

From a recruitment perspective this is obviously fantastic news for the offshore legal market and there is definitely positivity amongst the leading law firms on hiring strategy for the next 12 months. Whilst we haven’t seen a knee jerk response and great swathes of new vacancies, we have received and are continuing to receive exciting new instructions across transactional practice areas, particularly finance and investment funds.


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