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CML Offshore Recruitment’s financial services recruitment team has seen a sharp rise in the demand for qualified accountants. With this demand comes a rapid surge in more vacant positions.

Over the years, CML has worked with countless clients to recruit and place qualified accountants and lawyers in the field. This is also the case in our offshore jurisdictions, such as Bermuda and the BVI. Spikes in demand are mainly attributed to seasonal trends due to the upcoming “year-end” period, which is typically the busiest financial reporting period of the fiscal year.

The financial sector in the Cayman Islands is blossoming, and we recommend you be a part of it! If you are a qualified accountant seeking to work in the Cayman Islands we highly recommend making the move to further your career. Our professional immigration team at CML Offshore Recruitment would be happy to assist you with your job search and the recruitment process.

Temporary Work for Accountants

Furthermore, CML has also noticed multiple clients asking for Fund Accountants temporarily to help onboard new clients, which is always a good sign for the market as a whole. Not completely sure about accepting a temporary role? We’ve written many blogs on the career and financial benefits of accepting temporary or contract positions.

The accounting field isn’t only for the highly experienced. Are you a graduate looking to pursue a career in the accounting field? Make your way up the corporate ladder by applying for entry-level and temporary accounting placements. Additionally, CML can assist you with establishing your goals so you can take the right steps to jumpstart your career.

Find or Become an Accountant

Suppose you are a hiring manager working in the Finance and Accounting industry and have yet to find qualified accountants for the Year-end period, or you are a qualified accountant hoping to make a switch to the Cayman Islands. In that case, CML Offshore Recruitment has all of the details. Click here to find a qualified recruiter or contact us at for more information.


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