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This article on LinkedIn Today (I do love that feature) popped up and I had to share it.

When it comes to hiring the right staff, we know what a struggle it can be – and we also know the perception that people have towards using a recruiter to help you find the best hire for your company or department…

All those questions: “Is it worth the money?”….” Won’t I find them myself anyway?”…”What can they do differently?”… (and a few more no doubt).

This article from is written by a successful business owner, and her story I’m sure will resonate with the business owners and managers out there who also dread having to hire new staff. Take a read. See what you think.

Essentially, using a Recruiter will:

1. Have a list of candidates for you that have already been thoroughly screened and match your requirements.

2. Have provided that list to you in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to receive applications through your normal methods.

3. Only charge you once you hire one of the provided candidates.

4. Have saved you money as the actual cost of the hire becomes much less due to the time you saved and the fact that your new hire will start sooner!

5. Have candidates you want to see – good candidates use recruiters because they understand that recruiters maximise the opportunities for their resume to be seen.

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