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As a recruitment agency that brands for professionals, we have heard countless times before,” ‘They only help high net worth candidates,” and “They won’t help a Caymanian.” Well, the CML team is here to clarify these common misconceptions. CML Offshore Recruitment is, in fact, a recruitment agency for Caymanians!

CML Offshore Recruitment has worked with hundreds of Caymanians of all ages, educational backgrounds, and careers. Don’t believe us? Read all about our candidate’s success stories and job-seeking experiences.

A UCCI Graduate’s Experience – ‘Dear Caymanians’

“I am a young Caymanian who has gone through the full system: educated up to Bachelor’s degree (now seeking my next step), yet I’ve been rejected from many companies, speaking to HR managers for advice, and have applied to many places just as well.

All changed when CML came into my path, and I applied. They were really professional, understanding and knowledgeable even when I started out as a candidate. Sometimes it just takes patience, ambition and perseverance to succeed in life. CML has opened a door for me and took me in with open arms. They were flexible with me, allowing me to study which I recently finished my Bachelor’s degree in Finance at UCCI, which they were so supportive of (Thanks Steve & fellow colleagues, for the Congrats).

Furthermore, I know how it feels to be in a position of desperation and just hoping that these companies will realize that you have true talent. Honestly, the best thing is to keep your head up and keep on trying. There are many who are competing against us, so we have to strive to be the best and show it. I know it may seem cliché to say these words, but they do have meaning. Giving up means giving up your pride and all you have worked for.

CML seeks talented individuals, and you can be that person. I had the chance, and so can you. Look for ways to gain experience, look for ways to motivate yourselves, and just look to the future, and you will gain that feeling of accomplishment that we all want!”

We encourage the local community to reach out to our team for assistance if you are looking for a new position. CML Offshore Recruitment will be happy to assist you with your job search and give you advice along the way. Speak to a recruiter at to discover how you can begin your search today. 


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