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Are you a hiring manager or leader looking to strategically improve your talent management processes? Our team here at CML can help you with recruitment process optimisation so that you can reach your long-term strategic goals.

What is a Recruitment Audit?

Before we get into the importance of recruitment process optimisation to your overall talent management strategy, let’s get some definitions squared away so we’re on the same page about what we mean.

  • Audit: An official inspection of accounts by an independent body.
  • Recruitment Audit: An official inspection of the recruitment process by an independent body.

To get the highest levels of performance from talent acquisition activities, what we refer to as “Recruitment Process Optimisation”, a thorough understanding of all the systems and processes currently in place is needed. To understand the recruitment process’ health, you need a checkup of sorts – an audit. By breaking the process into its essential steps, we can see what parts are generating meaningful ROI, what parts need fine-tuning and potentially what areas are not serving you at all and can be done away with in their entirety.

What to Consider in a Recruitment Audit?

So, what are the basic, essential aspects of recruitment? In CML’s Recruitment Audit, we exclude affiliate and supporting teams and processes (C&B, Mobility…) and look at critical success activities, such as:

  1. Applicant Tracking Systems
  2. Recruitment Vendors, Agencies and Service Providers Effectiveness
  3. Assessment and Selection Tools Accuracy and ROI
  4. Talent Mapping and Applicant Attraction Activities ROI
  5. In-take and Onboarding Processes Efficiency

Let’s get Down to Business: Recruitment Process Optimisation

With the cost-per-hire and total effectiveness of these five aspects uncovered, we can get down to the business of Recruitment Process Optimisation reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing quality.

Our HR Consulting and Recruitment teams here at CML will work with you through the audit to a point where we comfortably believe you can achieve recruitment process optimisation and make the most of your hires.

If you’re interested in engaging our teams to help you do this, reach out today to and let’s get started.


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