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We know hiring the perfect candidate can be intimidating, but CML is here to break down the recruitment process for you into its simplest parts! By using the points below you can help to streamline the process and gain a selection of near-perfect candidates for your review when working with our team.

The Recruitment Process

Let’s find the perfect candidate!

1. The “Must-Have” and “Want-to-Have” Lists

As a hiring manager, we are sure you may have a few requirements for the ideal person you’re looking to join your team. By providing criteria, your recruiter is able to pinpoint suitable candidates that fit your role. This also helps recruiters find the most qualified candidates, who will fit into your team and meet your target.

We’d recommend creating a list of “must-haves” and a list of “want-to-haves” as that will help us better understand the needs of the position, express that position to interested candidates and ultimately find you the ideal fit.

2. Company Research

For us to find the best fit for you, we need to understand more than just the basics of the position and individual you’re looking for, because just like you have “must-have”/”want-to-have” lists as a hiring manager, so do candidates. By giving us insights into your culture and team, benefits offered and any other perks of joining your company, we will better be able to represent you and answer questions candidates may have on your behalf.

3. Start Searching

Once we have a clear understanding, we would then begin our sourcing process which is omnichannel across social media, print media, email marketing to our already established database of candidates and LinkedIn searching just to name a few. You can also utilize these channels internally when sourcing candidates, our team just does this for a living so we have everything streamlined and ready to go once you give us the greenlight.

4. Narrow Down the Applicants

Now that we know your needs, before we send any candidates over to you we would narrow down the applicants and only present you with those that meet the requirements you initially stated so that nobody’s time is wasted. This narrowing down process includes a thorough interview by one of our recruiters here at CML and any testing requirements you want. CML has a wide variety of skills tests to choose from so feel free to ask your recruiter about what might be best for the type of position your currently recruiting.

5. Closing the Deal

Making a career move is a daunting prospect for anyone, so timing is of utmost importance. Push too soon for an answer and they may be inclined not to budge; wait too long and they may be enticed to stay at their current position, or even worse, take up another role. Our team is very experienced in handling this part of the process and will also be able to tell you if any additional perks or bonuses will sway the candidate your way.

The CML Recruitment team are extremely experienced at navigating the recruitment process! To discover more tips and tricks on how to implement the recruitment process and hire the perfect candidate please contact one of our knowledgeable consultants at


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