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Relocating to paradise . . .

It started with a holiday to visit some friends on the island back in April 2012 …. and has led to me relocating to Cayman! I have completed the first month of my new job with CML Offshore Recruitment and I am loving every minute.

The year round sun, amazing beaches and relaxed lifestyle enticed me to explore recruitment opportunities here, so I decided to see what opportunities might be available on the island. I spoke to a few local contacts and when CML was so highly recommended, I made contact with them to see whether they had any opportunities in the pipeline. Before you know it, I was packing up my life back home in the UK, shopping for summer work wear (not something I really had use for in England) and getting on a plane to Grand Cayman.

Of course, all of my friends and colleagues back home were incredibly envious and I have been barraged with requests to find people work out here with me! For the time being I am concentrating on settling myself into the lifestyle and the new job, but I am looking forward to welcoming visitors and new recruits to the island.

The move here has not just been motivated by the sunshine, but obviously the tax free earnings and amazing work life balance were a major factor in my decision making process. Having spent over 8 years travelling around the UK using increasingly unreliable rail services, the thought of a 5 minute journey to work and a just a short walk away from most of our clients was irresistible! I manage to get in a swim before work and catch the last of the sun at the end of the working day, which makes it still seem like a holiday to me.

I have already managed to secure a beachfront property to move into and setting up bank accounts, obtaining a driving license and all those things that take forever back home, were sorted in a matter of minutes. So whilst it’s true that there is a laid back lifestyle here, it doesn’t seem to impact on getting things the important things done.

So as you can tell, I don’t have a bad word to say about relocating and starting a new career with CML. If you are thinking of moving overseas . . . . go for it!


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