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As a new arrival on Grand Cayman, getting to grips with the finer points of the immigration laws governing the islands can be a challenge for any ex-pat.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I seem to have landed myself in deeper, unknown waters than most by accepting my first role on-island as Outsourced Service Administrator here at CML, assisting the very capable Immigration team in providing a comprehensive and stress-free service to our individual customers and clients.

In the late 1500-1600’s, European ships set sail on often perilous journeys, over oceans scarcely chartered or mapped, in a bid to explore and trade with Asia and the New World. For the Pilot of these ships, the “rutter” was gospel. A handwritten collection of sailing directions, authored by a previous Pilot who had “been there, done that.” It gave detailed descriptions of murky waters, advice on changing tides and how to navigate tricky entries into safe harbor. Without the “rutter” a Pilot and his crew truly was, lost at sea.

The “rutter” I am currently reliant on is the experience and knowledge of my colleagues, whose expertise, extensive knowledge and calm in the face of what can be a daunting journey through the hazardous waters of Immigration, has successfully ensured over 200 customers on average each year make it into the safe harbor of “permit approved.”

In my first week there have been a few hazardous reefs, minor squalls and periods of dead water (sitting at Immigration for over two hours armed only with a flimsy ticket as I wait my turn), but I’m finding my sea legs and starting to navigate these unknown waters with a little expertise and knowledge of my own.

For more information on the Immigration Services offered by CML visit our Immigration Services page or please contact us by email at or call +1345 949 1345


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