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Contract and temporary work can be a positive way to further your career and gain exposure to new industries and skills.

Many assume that only new arrivals on the island or those suddenly finding themselves out of work choose to do ‘temporary/contract work’; however, many people actively choose to undertake temporary assignments. Why is this? Lifestyle choice, career advancement advantages, introduction to a new career or simply a chance to convert educational theory into practical experience.

Candidates often assume that temping is only ever to cover sickness, maternity or extra work in busier times. Still, we receive requests from our clients for CML Contract employees for many other reasons, but these do tend to be some of the more common ones.

We have assignments to work on special projects such as implementing new systems and processes, training staff members with new programs/policies, providing support or management of office moves and relocations and introducing new skills policies to established departments.

Many clients also recruit temporary/contract candidates in order to spend time analyzing both performance and personality fit for a permanent position. This period is an opportunity for both parties to demonstrate what is on offer long term and what it is really like to be part of the team. “Try before you buy” for both candidate and employer.

Advantages of Temporary Work

  • An opportunity to measure your fit with management styles and company culture
  • A chance to confirm the position is the right fit for your skills, career aspirations and ambition.
  • Long-term flexibility
  • Exposure to different industries, companies and departments
  • Gaining new skills, training and career opportunities
  • Receiving an hourly rate for the work you do, including overtime pay for extra hours, weekends or public holidays
  • To make long-term connections with high-profile contacts

Many assume that contracting is a short-term role with low hourly pay, no holiday or sickness entitlement, and no long-term prospects, but contracting can be so different. CML Offshore Recruitment contract temporary workers receive holiday entitlement, sickness, and overtime rates, and we contribute to both health insurance and pension plans. We pay bi-weekly and are always on hand to help with any queries.

Are you interested in contract/temporary work? Please get in touch by emailing, or check out our current job vacancies.


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