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OK in the article below by PsyBlog, there are some very well referenced arguments for using some of the techniques included within the list. However I feel that a “use with caution!” label needs adding. As with any interview you need to be subtle, you need to know your market, product and competitors. You need to make a good impression, you need to be prepared, and you need to demonstrate that you really want this job without seeming desperate for the offer.

The crucial element that I feel that is missed from the list when negotiating on salary is, you need good advice. If you are not using a recruitment consultant then call a reputable one and ask them for advice prior to the interview. Ask them about the trends in the market, what certain business pay etc…Above all ask them if your expectations are in line with what the market is paying for your role. They have the knowledge, and should you be unsuccessful you now have a plan B.  The bottom line is everyone who is serious about their career and remuneration should have found a trusted recruitment advisor who is an expert in their particular market.  Whether they actually place you or just offer advice in order to build their own network there is always a “quid pro quo” .

As I said use the following list with caution making jokes during any negotiation can be powerful but it can also be disastrous!!  Negotiation is key that I grant the article – If you don’t ask you don’t get!

I would be keen to hear any stories or comments you have on this topic!


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