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When weighing up a new job, we’d encourage you to conduct an opportunity assessment to ensure it’s a smart choice for you long-term.

As a candidate, you may worry about how resigning will affect your relationship with your current managers or break the bonds you have created with your subordinates. You may also consider how a new title might look to your friends or family – wondering if it might look like a demotion.

As recruiters, we’ve generally seen it all, and one thing rings true – despite logic and best judgment, career opportunity decisions are more emotional than anything else.

As we know, complex (especially emotionally charged) decisions are best handled within a structured framework. By working within a framework, it’s possible to remove all but the core considerations, which is the key to overriding your emotions during the searching process.

The 4Cs of Opportunity Assessment

To address the emotional volatility of candidates, we’ve discovered a structured framework we call The 4Cs of Opportunity Assessment. The 4Cs are listed as; Company, Culture, Cash and Comfort. We encourage all of our candidates to use this framework in evaluating potential career changes or opportunities.

Company: Is this a company/organization you want to be associated with – Does their brand and products match your principles? Are they leaders in your particular area of specialization? Is the company financially strong and growth-oriented?

Culture: Is this a company with a strong corporate identity? Do they have a reputation for commitment to their employees and staff? What is the attrition rate for employees in your position and seniority?

Cash: Will they pay you appropriately? Does the company match what you are worth? Is their offer at the market rate for your position and your seniority level?

Comfort: Does the position offered to have the potential to stretch you meaningfully out of your comfort zone? Will you gain professional growth in the role? Do you see yourself growing within the company?

CML’s recruitment team acts as your educated advisors. Our main goal is to improve our clients’ recruitment practices and our candidate’s experience in finding their dream job. In this capacity, we ensure great candidates obtain exceptional opportunities while limiting the significant challenges.

Are you looking for your dream job that ticks off all 4Cs of an opportunity assessment? Reach out to a member of our team today at for a confidential conversation and we’ll help you get your career search started today.


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