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Lawyers wishing to move offshore are not always certain whether, or to what extent, their future employer will assist them with their relocation costs and there are some misconceptions that abound.

Some candidates occasionally think that they will be given a permanent allowance towards their annual accommodation costs. This is not in fact the case with offshore law firms. Typically an offshore law firm will pay for the first month of a newly arrived lawyer’s accommodation, which is deemed to be sufficient time to allow them to enable them to find somewhere suitable to rent. Sometimes use of a hire car will also be provided for the first month.

In addition, typically a sum of anything between $3,000 and $5,000 will be given to the lawyer towards the cost of shipping their goods from their home country.

Finally, economy class return air tickets for both the lawyer and their family are usually paid for by the firm (with the return portion of the ticket thus allowing them to make their first trip back home to visit friends or family).

As is always the case, some employers are more generous than others but the above represents what a lawyer might typically expect to receive by way of assistance with relocation costs when moving offshore, whether to Cayman, BVI or Bermuda.


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