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Teams that get along well are more productive!

When companies find themselves short-staffed due to rapid growth, there can be a frantic response in order to get someone to fill the gap quickly. However, taking a little extra time to make sure that candidates will be a good fit for your team is prudent for the long term.

We learn about our clients’ company culture in order to try to match the best candidates to the firm not only by skills and experience, but by personality. As recruiters, we are at an advantage as we’re able to get to know our candidates much better than a client will in a first interview. By the time we arrange an interview, we’ve spoken to them several times at length, in both formal and informal formats – so normally we’re in tune with their sense of humour (if they have one!).

Moving offshore also requires a specific type of person – someone who’s adventurous, who’s willing to leave their family and friends at home and keen to make a new group of friends. Candidates back out at the last moment or even leave shortly after arriving due to homesickness more often than you’d think. We ensure that making the move is something that they really want to do.

Here’s what Richard Branson has to say on the subject. And my favourite quote in this piece comes from Apple’s Dan Jacobs : “It’s better to have a hole in your team than an asshole in your team!” 🙂



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