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There are many benefits of working with a professional recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies are able to assist you on your career journey, but to get the most out of the experience, here are a few things to consider to help improve your chances of getting that new position!

Things to Consider When Working with a Recruitment Agency

Don’t Hold Back on Information

Be honest with your recruiter about your career, preferences, education and more. Many people hold back information because they think our questions are irrelevant to their search. Trust us; we are promoting you, so the more information we have to be able to showcase you as the perfect fit for an employer, the better!

When we speak with a prospective employer about your details, they expect us to know everything. If we don’t have the full picture or have incorrect information, this will cast doubt over your application.

Be Personal

Before writing a cover letter, or sending an email to a recruiter, ensure what you are writing is specific to who you are addressing. For example, when we view an email from a candidate, we can sense when the email has been sent to many other recruiters (and sometimes we can even see that it was when you just CC us all in the same blanket email!).

Explain Your Salary Expectations

We cannot press enough how important it is to be realistic about your salary expectations. If you are not sure, ask your recruiter for assistance to determine how much your skills are worth based on your experience, the geographic location you’re considering, and the market there currently. This helps us pinpoint jobs that are right for you and speak confidently on your behalf when speaking with our clients.

For example, let’s imagine you are searching for a role with a salary of $60,000 as the absolute minimum that you will accept. We are working with that salary expectation in mind. Therefore, we will present you with opportunities no lower than the expected salary. We don’t want you to go through the entire process for a position only to find out they can’t meet your needs and it have been a waste of everyone’s time and resources.

Tailoring Your LinkedIn

Many employees monitor your online presence on social networking apps such as LinkedIn when recruiting. As a professional seeking a new job, it is important that if you are on social media that you’re using it to build a strong personal brand that leaves an employer confident that you will be a positive addition to their team. We’re not going to force you to get a LinkedIn profile, but if you do have one, make sure that it’s adding value and not hindering your applications.

Apply for Jobs Best Fit for You

When job seeking, we recommend only applying for jobs that you are highly interested in. We are here to assist you with finding your dream job, but first, it is up to you. Apply for jobs that pique your interest and are best suited for your talents and qualifications. It is best to carefully read the job description for the position you are applying for before leaping.

Tailor Your Resume

Like tailoring your email, it is important to tailor your resume. It is time to wow the crowd! It is perfectly okay to match your resume to each specific job you are applying for. By saying this, we do not mean to lie or exaggerate your resume. Instead, ensure your skills and relevant experience for the specific position are showcased and at the top of your list.

Are you looking to work with a recruitment agency that you feel confident is working with your needs in mind?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with to learn more about how we can help you find your dream job.


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