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Understanding your candidates is one of the most important aspects of the recruiting process. If you understand their mentor, you can better understand the candidate.

Sometimes, assessing others can be tricky and contacting references to gain insight into an individual can become excessive and tiresome. Is there an easier way to understand your candidate? Well, CML Offshore Recruitment is here to say yes!

Understanding the Candidate

An applicant who says they are able to learn from their mistakes is a good candidate. An applicant who learns from the mistakes of others is even better.

As recruiters and hiring managers, there are times when we are not able to check references before an offer is pending. However, there is still a way to learn about a candidate – from the insights of others and to seek to understand their mentor. After all, mentors are, by definition, better known and more senior than the applicants themselves. This in turn should mean that candidates’ mentors’ accomplishments, achievements, temperament, and abilities are more readily apparent than the applicant’s own – while reflecting strongly on the applicants.

Understanding the Mentor

But who are mentors? When reviewing a candidate’s background, you will find that many candidates have undergone moderate or intense training and close teachings. These are in fact close mentors to the candidate – who may also be listed as a reference. However, the main difference between a mentor and a primary reference is that most references listed are professional friends or past general employers. Mentors can be professionals who are advisors, internship mentors or trainers, teachers and professors, etc.

We cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to understand a candidate’s mentor fully. Understanding a mentor gives a more specific indication of the candidates’ work ethic and commitment than a current job title or specialization. This is especially important when assessing for areas outside our own specializations – which is to say, most of the time.

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