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We get a lot of phone calls and emails from people asking us how they can register with CML Offshore Recruitment, so I thought I would put it all in writing!

There are 3 main things that we need from you, and each of them is very important:

The most important thing we need from you is your resume! We need to be able to look at your experience and assess how your skills fit in with our clients’ needs. Here are a couple of tips to help you create a great resume:

  • Contact information!

You would be surprised how many people come into our office, looking for a job in the Cayman Islands, and drop off their resume for our consultants – without including an email address and phone number! You need to include this information otherwise we cannot get in touch with you about potential job opportunities!

  • Education

Include your education history – in reverse chronological order (most recent on top) – including the dates you attended each institution. This allows potential employers to see the most relevant parts first! There is no need to include your kindergarten, your primary school and the 2 high schools that you may have attended. Only include the school where you obtained your leaving certificate (or equivalent), and any university degrees or courses that you have taken, including the name of the institute that you attended to complete the degree. Even if you have not completed your degree yet, make sure you write ‘Current’ next to it, so that potential employers can see that you are currently studying.

  • Professional Work Experience

Again, list this in reverse chronological order. Make sure you include the dates of employment for each position, as well as the company name and the job title that you have/had. Next, to make the document easy on the eye, you should list your job responsibilities in bullet point form for each position (separately, not together after listing all the jobs you’ve ever had)! List any responsibilities that you can think of that you had for each position. We need to see everything that you’ve done!

  • Work Experience / Internships / Volunteer Work

This isn’t something that you NEED to include, but if you don’t have much professional work experience it can be useful to include this information so that potential employers can see any relevant experience you may have to what they are looking for.

  • Computer skills

It is a good idea to include any computer skills that you have, or programs that you are familiar with: typing speed (if it’s relevant to your line of work), knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, ViewPoint etc.

  • References

It is your choice whether or not you include references on your resume. If you do not provide them, it is advisable to state ‘References available on request’ at the bottom of your resume.

We don’t really need to know your hobbies and interests and all of the certificates you may have achieved in primary school or ballet class as it isn’t really relevant to your search for work.

Police Clearance
We need all candidates to submit a police clearance to us when they register – for obvious reasons! Our client’s rely on us to check this sort of thing before starting the application process with them. If we wait until further in the process (ie. After an offer of employment has been given to you) it can get quite awkward (not to mention frustrating!) for all parties involved if it is found out that you have a criminal record.

Written Professional References
Even though you don’t need to put your references on your resume, we do require that you provide us with professional written references (i.e. a copy of a letter from each of your references)  so that we can verify your employment and know that we are submitting the best quality candidates!

To register, you can either register on our website (, or email all of these documents to and one of our consultants will be in touch with you shortly!



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