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Louise and Tiffany - Team TASS

We handle permanent and temporary assignments across the full spectrum of the offshore financial and legal services industry.  We do tend to have our core positions that are available most regularly, for example Personal Assistant/Secretary, Compliance, Fund administrators, Corporate Administrators, Accounts Assistance, all legal support roles and administrators. However if we are to keep it simple I personally like to think that we cover all roles within an office environment, in any industry.

Although one of the busiest teams in CML for candidate numbers and job vacancy volume, we still pride ourselves on personal service to both clients and candidates. We take the time to understand the client’s business model, their philosophy, corporate culture and their short, medium and long term goals. Clients appreciate our approach which is why many offshore firms have selected CML as their preferred recruitment partner.  This is something we have to bear in mind when we are short-listing candidates. Unfortunately it isn’t always enough to be a quick learner, and eager to work, we really do have to take into account the criteria the clients are looking for.

When it comes to candidates, our approach is to treat each person as an individual. We are familiar with typical career paths and IT disciplines but we try to take the time to get to know you, your career history, your personal circumstances and your career and lifestyle goals. We will not waste time with unsuitable roles in unsuitable places. We will give you frank advice on the pros and cons of each firm, each role, and each location. That is why the vast majority of current and previous candidates said when asked that they would recommend CML to a friend or colleague (See testimonials from our candidates online).

Our candidates come from many industries and skills sets, and we help both expats and local candidates alike. Many local candidates assume we are only a temp agency and will only help expats. That’s not true.

In fact we have placed at least 1 Caymanian candidate in either temporary or permanent employment every single week of the year since team TASS was formed in 2010!  The current rolling figures for 2012 are at 56 Caymanians placed in roles on the island.  I know this doesn’t make those still looking for work feel any better, but it shows that with a lot of leg work from CML, applying for the right roles that match your skill sets and your hard work and interview preparation, we can get there.

Check out the CML website to see the current roles for team TASS or feel free to give us a call on 345 949 1345.


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