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Congratulations! Your spouse or civil partner just got granted permanent residency with you as their dependent. The next step for you is a Residency & Employment Rights Certificate (RERC) – but what exactly is it, what does it allow, and when can you apply?

What Exactly is RERC?

RERC allows the spouses and civil partners of Permanent Residents and spouses and civil partners of Caymanians to accept employment from any employer in the Cayman Islands. It is possible to include existing children as dependents on both classes of RERC for spouses or civil partners.

Your RERC gives you the right to enter and remain in the islands indefinitely as long as your marriage or partnership exists but does not automatically confer the right to work.

When Can I Apply?

Spouses or Civil Partners of Permanent Residents

As a work permit holder and a permanent resident’s spouse or civil partner, you can apply for your RERC once they have received their PR approval. It is a simple process to apply for your own RERC. Once your RERC approval is issued, you can now work for any employer under the job title listed on your last work permit.

If you have only been a dependent on your spouse or partner’s work permit (meaning you currently do not hold one) but now wish to apply for your RERC, you will have to obtain a job offer before applying. At the time of your application, you will submit using the title of your newly secured position.  Once granted, your RERC is tied to your new job title, and you can work for any employer in this role.

You will be required to pay an annual fee equivalent to the annual work permit fee for your title.

While the application process is not as daunting as your spouse’s PR was, you will need to complete an application form, and certain documents are required, including:

  • An Affidavit attesting that your marriage is intact and is not a marriage of convenience
  • Various other documentation, including personal and banking reference letters

Also, remember that you have 90 days from the grant of your spouse’s or civil partners PR to apply for your RERC.

Spouses or Civil Partners of Caymanians

Amidst the congratulations and celebrations, kindly note that whether you are new to the Islands or an existing work permit holder, you will be required to obtain RERC once you are married to a Caymanian. This is also true if your spouse or civil partner received the right to be Caymanian and you held your RERC as a spouse or civil partner of a permanent resident but have not been married for at least seven years.

Once granted, there is no restriction on occupation or employer. There is also no annual declaration or fee.  Should the marriage break down, your certificate can be revoked or voided at the discretion of the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board.

Making your RERC application need not be a nerve-racking experience; CML can make your application process easy and stress-free and are here to answer any questions you may have about the application.  Reach out to our experienced Immigration team at or call 623-1025 for a free consultation.

You can learn more about applying for Permanent Residency here.  Still have questions, check out our Immigration FAQ page.


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