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Many startups believe they do not need the help of a recruiter because they believe recruitment agencies are only created for larger organizations. Is this true?

The simple truth is that is one of the biggest misconceptions in the world of recruitment. Recruitment agencies cater to everyone’s needs! As recruiters, it is our job to assist any business that needs our help, especially startups.

Why Startups Need A Recruiter

Business Insider Jeff Bussgang wrote a great article on why it is important to consider recruitment to be a critical aspect of their business plans – and potential long-term success.

As an entrepreneur, I was initially very sceptical of fast-talking, expensive recruiters. I thought hiring them represented a personal failure on my part as an entrepreneur. After all, it was my job to secure the best and brightest talent through my own efforts and my own network. But my years of recruiting have taught me that startup CEOs are at a distinct competitive disadvantage if they don’t get outside help for recruiting.

Jeff goes on to outline the key reasons why getting a recruiter is so important. Specifically, he says there is never enough time to complete the recruitment process effectively. Why is this the case?

  1. Managers are often inexperienced at finding persons and the hiring process in general.
  2. Managers often cannot sell job opportunities as well as they can sell their businesses.
  3. Recruiters are focussed on closing the candidate, not pushing the business.
  4. A recruiter’s depth of reference and background checking will almost always surpass that of a manager.

The Benefits of Utilizing an Agency

As their name would suggest, startups are relatively new to the game, and many believe recruiting is a simple task. This is the case until they begin the process themselves and hit unnecessary roadblocks that could have been avoided with the help of a recruiter. The last thing any business owner wants is to hire the wrong employee. Let’s combat that!

To many organizations, large or small, searching for the right candidates can become tricky, time-consuming and stressful. From searching for the right platforms to advertise on, promoting the job skillfully, receiving the resumes, shortlisting and then eventually interviewing, recruiting can be a very long process. So, why not let the professionals do the heavy lifting for you? One of the main benefits of hiring a recruiter is to boost efficiency in finding qualified employees for your startup so that you can keep focusing on what matters: running your new business.

A recruiter is able to use their knowledge and resources to find the best candidates for your organization in half the time it would have taken the startup to promote and plan. This then allows the business owner to use their free time to boost their own business and prep for their new employee!

Are you a startup looking to find the perfect employee for your team? Let CML do the heavy lifting and help you through the process. For more information on the services we offer, please contact the team at today for a confidential conversation.


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