Why choose Cayman?
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Unparalleled standard of living

Take a caribbean vacation with
all your friends, every weekend.

Consistently rated one of the top Caribbean vacation destinations, the Cayman Islands offers all the amenities of a city,
without the downsides of city life, in a naturally beautiful tropical location.

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Why you should choose Cayman

Swimming pools, tennis courts, beaches and boats.

The Cayman Islands has excellent private schools that top international rankings with children, parents and faculty from here and every corner of the globe.  All-year-round summer with every activity your children could dream of.  Those are just some of the reasons that professionals and their families love living in the stunning Cayman Islands.

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Why you should choose cayman

Tax-free Salary

No income, corporation, capital gains or property tax.  No community charge or social insurance fee. Hard to believe, but true.

Why you should choose cayman


The Cayman Islands’ climate is close to perfect.  With average monthly temperatures between 78 F (25 C) and 85 F (29 C), you can barbecue, golf or play sports all year round.

You’ll never need to wear a coat or jacket. The only time you need a sweater is when you’re inside and the air conditioning is a little too high.

Why you should choose cayman

Short commutes

You’ll find plenty of affordable first class housing within five or ten minutes of your office.  Less time in the car means more time for you, your family and your health and well-being.

Why you should choose cayman

Your social life

The workforce in the financial services industry is mainly young professionals between 25 and 35 from all four corners of the globe.  Combining this demographic with a vast choice of bars and restaurants, makes for an active and ever-changing social scene.