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Reinsurance Jobs
in the Cayman Islands

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Our Experience:

Our financial services team leader, Will Koutney, is a former auditor of a publicly-traded reinsurer and has recruited several executive-level accountants, actuaries, underwriters, and claims professionals to offshore jurisdictions including Cayman, Bermuda & the British Virgin Islands.

Our management team has developed trusted relationships with some of the largest reinsurers not only in Cayman but also in Bermuda where reinsurance is one of the largest markets globally. We engage with these firms continuously on specialist searches within actuarial and underwriting and are best positioned to advise you on joining these highly sought-after firms!

What to Expect:

Our team of recruitment experts are well-versed in the recruitment of Reinsurance professionals encompassing:

  • Actuarial – Access to very unique capital market opportunities in the offshore reinsurance world within pricing, reserving, or business development.
  • Underwriting – Opportunities for both very specific niche underwriting skillsets (geological, flood, wind, crop) or more broad and traditional P&C skillsets.
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Why consider Reinsurance jobs in Cayman, Bermuda and British Virgin Islands?
  • Increase your income with a higher, tax-free or low-tax salary
  • Enhance your career with international financial services experience at a globally recognized firm
  • Improve your quality of life with shorter commutes and year-round outdoor activities in a tropical, sun-soaked Caribbean paradise

Meet the Team

You're in Good Hands

Will Koutney

Recruitment Consultant

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Martin Leigh

Financial Services Recruitment Consultant

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Tiara Armitage

Financial Services Recruitment Consultant

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Aisling Fitzpatrick

Recruitment Resourcer

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Bailey Rogers

Financial Services Recruitment Assistant

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Jada Connor

Financial Services Recruitment Apprentice

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