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Network Engineering jobs
in the Cayman Islands,
Bermuda & BVI

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The Cayman Islands, Bermuda and BVI are all rapidly expanding hubs for the tech industry, why not join them in Network Engineering?

Our Experience:

A traditional pillar of the offshore tech industry, CML has worked with all of the MSPs and telecommunication organizations since our inception in 2004, giving us a strong insight into the Network Engineering employment space. With CML being the leading offshore recruitment agency, our team is best placed to help you navigate the local market, giving you insight on the differences between organizations, salaries, and the transition to island life.

What to Expect:

A significant portion of Network Engineering roles within this space are with MSPs, meaning that you will gain exposure to a large variety of different types of companies on the island, often large scale. There are some in-house roles also, although these are very sought after so competition is strong – these would typically be within the telecoms sector but a small proportion also within larger enterprise-scale legal or FS firms can crop up from time to time. Your day-to-day work will involve upgrading and building new networks for firms and rolling out security implementations as information security is paramount in all offshore jurisdictions.

What Experience is Needed?

Generally speaking, most clients when looking to hire Network Engineers are seeking CCNA & CCNP CISCO certifications – these must be up to date and must come alongside strong working experience. Recently we have seen more Fortinet roles, and cloud networks becoming more common, so good cloud exposure (generally Azure but some AWS) would be beneficial. For roles within MSPs, previous MSP experience and client liaison experience is very beneficial. Some network roles also require security experience as this is an area where there is sometimes overlap.

Looking to build on your career in Network Engineering? Offshore could be for you.

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Why consider Network Engineering jobs in Cayman, Bermuda & BVI?
  • Increase your income with a higher, tax-free or low-tax salary
  • Gain exposure to leadership capacity more quickly/ more exposure to other areas
  • Opportunity to gain strong fintech/legal industry experience working on impactful projects
  • No sacrifice of quality of work & technologies for increased quality of life
  • Commutes measured in single-digit minutes rather than hours
  • Work-life-balance that is impossible to beat

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