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Corporate law jobs
in the Cayman Islands, BVI,
Bermuda and The Channel Islands

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CML has been placing lawyers for over 15 years and we have direct links with all the leading corporate lawyers in all major offshore financial centers. If you are looking to take your career offshore or make a strategic career move, our team can help.

Why Offshore?

Offshore jurisdictions, such as The Cayman Islands, make up the premier investment funds jurisdictions in the world as well as the leading financial centers for company incorporations. Offshore jurisdictions are investor-friendly, tax neutral, and full of highly competent professionals across legal, accounting, and corporate services. Accordingly, they are highly attractive jurisdictions for the structuring of international M&A, joint venture, and capital markets transactions.

Quality of Work

If you are currently an onshore corporate or finance lawyer, then you will likely have interacted with or directly instructed offshore counsel so you should have an idea of the role that offshore transactional lawyers play. Typically, you will be acting as offshore counsel to the onshore lawyers (usually in the United States, Latin America, or Asia) who are advising their corporate clients on deals where the use of an offshore structure is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. In most cases you will not be ‘project managing’ the deal/matter, so you will find that your working hours are more predictable than they are onshore.

What Experience Are Employers Looking For?

You will have onshore corporate or finance experience gained at a highly regarded onshore firm. The specifics of your experience aren’t hugely relevant as there will be a learning curve for all new lawyers to the jurisdiction. General corporate, private equity, banking, structured finance, and asset finance lawyers will all be attractive candidates to the leading offshore law firms.

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Why Consider Corporate Law Jobs Offshore?
  • Increase your income with a higher, tax-free or low-tax salary
  • Enhance your career with high-quality of work
  • More predictable hours and therefore work-life balance
  • Improve your quality of life with shorter commutes and year-round outdoor activities in a tropical, pollution-free environment

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